Mac 'N Noodles Blog

November 4, 2019

More than Just a Race.

The Mac 'N Cheese 5k is a passion project that I started last year, and in a few short weeks, after months of hard work and riding a steep learning curve, it will finally become a reality. If I can be completely honest for a moment, I knew nothing about hosting a road race. But three and a half years ago I knew nothing about owning a food truck either. Now we are two trucks and growing! While running a food truck and hosting a road race may seem like two entirely  differe...

March 20, 2019

Experiences create more vivid memories than taste. The experiences we deliver at our events make our top-notch Mac 'N Cheese taste even better. Every modification of our recipe is designed to improve the taste, because quality is king. We also make decisions to improve your experience, because excitement and experiences make memories. That's why we are hosting a Mac 'N Cheese 5k to bring you an event you won't forget!