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Then and now. Before and after. These words provide an interesting contrast for the mind to ponder. They draw a distinction from a time prior to a time present. Often, when placed together, the contrast is meant to evoke a progression towards perfection. Finite objects exist in imperfect forms; there always exists a way to improve. That is what makes reflecting on the past so intriguing. You learn to love the process of improving. Then, every day becomes a practice towards perfection. Henry Ford mastered this when he revolutionized assembly lines. Our forefathers did this when they revolutionized our country in 1776. Put simply, progression towards perfection is the American way. In my spar

Prost Brewing

Time flies when you are having fun. It’s been a year and a half, but it feels like yesterday. Although I call it my second gig, in reality Prost Brewing was my first. As those of you who have followed my story will remember from my post last week, the Alzheimer’s walk was forgettable. Needless to say, I will never forget to lock my fridge. my memory is forever scarred with the vision of Mac’n scattered about the truck floor. Prost Brewing is a German style brewery with locations in both Denver and Fort Collins. The owner is a swell guy by the name of Kevin. Kevin allowed me to host my “friends and family” night, which in reality is just a fancy way to say “live test run with people who hope

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