New Year, New Mac, New Truck

Ok guys. Please allow me to begin by expressing my apologies. For those of you who love following our story, it’s been a while since an update was posted. You could say things have taken off a little bit, and next thing I know it’s 2019. Crazy, huh? Nevertheless, we do have TWO HUGE announcements to make. You will find one at the end of this post. The other? In due time.... (Spoiler: due time = next week).

So, 2018 was amazing. THANK YOU Denver metro! At Mac ‘N we experienced some new highs and lows. Fortunately, the highs were much greater than the lows. We spent time in Nederland for the Frozen Dead Guy Days. That was a good time. There was also a “Fyre-fest” event we attended... Yep, they happen here too. This specific event scammed eight Denver trucks out of thousands of dollars. With the good comes the bad, and in this business you can only live and learn.

Mac 'N Cheese Overhaul — A Higher Quality Recipe

From a culinary philosophical standpoint, 2018 saw the biggest change. We overhauled our product and increased our costs to bring you a higher quality Mac N Cheese experience. For many of us, macaroni and cheese conjures up memories of experiences past. Macaroni and cheese is “soul food.” We envision mom’s homemade masterpiece or a cheese-laced carnival food. You reminisce about a younger you and easier times. Myself, I think back to home in Iowa: a staple of family time.

When we began in 2016, we emphasized profit over quality. That’s what many restaurants have to do when they start out. At the end of the day you have to be able to put food on the table at home. The easiest way to do that is to ensure the lowest cost per ounce. Therefore, ingredient shopping became about finding the cheapest product.

However, as Mac ‘N grew and matured we wizened up. As I said previously, 2018 was a philosophical overhaul. Last year we decided to make a change. We began to focus on buying fresher and higher quality ingredients. Life in the truck was no longer about keeping costs down; rather, life was a renewed focus on quality. We wanted to improve your experience, please your taste buds, and bring back those memories of days’ past. Think it worked?

Change doesn’t come without costs. This change in philosophy increased our costs by 20%. However, after gauging your response, I promise you we will never reverse course. That’s because you—our loyal Mac ’N lovers—affirmed our belief that quality matters. Your UNBELIEVABLE support has allowed us to grow, expand, and become more sustainable than we ever imagined when we bought a truck in 2016. You have made life for us good and the best way to express our gratitude is to continue to give you the freshest, best, and highest quality product we can, at an always-affordable price.


This brings me to our BIG NEWS. Last year we found ourselves turning down too many events because we were already booked, so we purchased our second truck! That’s right, twice the Mac ‘N: twice the fun. Denver Metro: we look forward to seeing you around.

P.S. Here’s a little gift for those that made it to the end. Mention “new truck” on your next stop for free Fried Mac with your order.

Here are some pictures of the new truck. It is a work in process! Maybe HGTV should make a new show for food truck fixer uppers?

Still needs a paint job

New Mac 'N Noodles food truck

New Mac 'N Noodles food truck

Kitchen makeover coming right up

New Mac 'N Noodles food truck

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