Bringing You Experiences, Not Just Top-Notch Mac 'N Cheese

Experiences matter, which is why I want to write about it today. I have learned that experiences create more vivid memories than taste. That is not to say that taste is not important, because let’s face it: if your food taste like a--, no one will come back. However, experiences create memories that mask deficiencies. I promise to you that we will never slack on the quality of our food. Every modification of our recipe is designed to improve the taste, because quality is king. That said, we also make decisions to improve your experience, because excitement and experiences make memories.

The easiest way we do this is by finding fun locations. I strive to find festivals and events that are entertaining and whose atmospheres are electric. When I was growing up, my elementary school had an event called “Squeals on Wheels.” As you may glean from the name, this was an elementary event that took place in our local skating arena. This event brings me memories of Sour Punch Straws, which were sold at the candy stand. The event brings out the flavor of the food. Another vivid memory is Little Caesar’s pizza being served at school lunches. Now, save me your comments about the quality of everyone’s favorite $5 pleasure, and imagine the excitement that a young child gets when it’s pizza day at school. These impulses and memories reverberate throughout me many years later such that I will still seek out some $5 goodness.

Because of this, I focus on lively events. School carnival: yes please. Back 2 School nights: ditto. Science fairs, homecoming, school lunches, you better believe it. What I’ve learned is that quality and experiences (or memories) condition us to find comfort. When you couple these two together, you begin to see the power of experience. (Maybe this is a good time to let schools know that we do not charge minimums or guarantees to attend your events!)

I go home to Cedar Falls, Iowa each year to an event called Sturgis Falls for the last full weekend of June. I look forward to this. It is something I will never miss. I reminisce about the experiences I had and the wonderful mini donuts. I want to create the same impact for those of you here in the Denver metro. Since moving to Denver I have enjoyed events like County Fair’s/Festivals and city events. We plan to attend the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo, along with all of the city events in Westminster, Castle Rock, and Thornton. We strive to associate ourselves with the highest quality experiences that shape the Denver metro. It is my hope that Mac ‘N Noodles creates a quality impact on your experience, just like the many experiences of my youth. So there we go, that’s my thought for the day.

The Big News - A Mac 'N Cheese 5k in Denver

As promised, it is now time to unveil Part 2 of our BIG NEWS! We have decided to collaborate with Meghan from to produce the first of its kind: Mac ‘N Cheese 5k. Mark your calendars for November 17, 2019. That is 11/17/2019 to reiterate. Each participant will receive free Mac ‘N Cheese at the post-race party and a pair of Mac ‘N Cheese socks!

You can signup and learn more here:

Our goal is to make this a yearly event for the metro that our Denver people look forward to for years to come. Food, fun, competition, charity. What more can you want? This will be one great event that you will not want to miss. I’ll see you around this summer and blog as we go.

Mac 'N Cheese 5k Denver 2019

The Mac 'N Cheese 5k is hosted by Mac 'N Noodles in collaboration with Summit Running and The Beer Mile.

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