Creating Memories of a Lifetime

More than Just a Race. The Mac 'N Cheese 5k is a passion project that I started last year, and in a few short weeks, after months of hard work and riding a steep learning curve, it will finally become a reality. If I can be completely honest for a moment, I knew nothing about hosting a road race. But three and a half years ago I knew nothing about owning a food truck either. Now we are two trucks and growing! While running a food truck and hosting a road race may seem like two entirely different things, this new challenge is simply an extension of my continuous quest: to leave guests with an experience they will never forget. That's why the same care, attention to detail, and desire to continue honing my craft will be on full display at the race.

In hosting this race, my goal is to create an experience that you simply don’t want to miss. Of course this includes the food, as I hope it is something that on its own is worthy of a trip, but I also hope that the race is an event that year after year can bring the community together, in a way the food truck simply can't.

When I was 10 my father signed me up to run a 5k. It was a race that the whole community turned up for. The high school cross country team used the race to test their summer fitness prior to the start of the fall cross country season. Adult children brought their children home to introduce them to the festivities. Babies were passed amongst the crowd, held by Grandmas who stood at the finish line craning their necks in anticipation. I have run that race for 19 years straight now. Why? The experience. I love the people. I love that hilly course. I love the memories.

When you are part of an experience like that, you never know where it will take you. One silly little 5k led me to pursue high school cross country, to start a college running club, to run 8 Boston Marathons, the Chicago and NYC marathons, and to embark on countless lifelong friendships. In putting on this race, I hope to host countless memories. So whether you're a fan of Mac 'N Noodles, an avid runner, or someone simply looking for a great community event, or something to do on a Sunday in the beautiful mile high city, we hope you will join us on November 17th!

Visit: to sign up today and see what it’s all about. 11/17/19.

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